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STEYR Clutch Disc

Steyr was the division of the earlier Steyr-Daimler-Puch group. Since 2001, it has become an independent company through internal management buyout. Steyr clutch disc for commercial vehicles can be available for harsh operating conditions. This Steyr clutch plate for heavy vehicles is often adopted in those applications that require multiple direction changes (like loader work). Steyr clutch disc is able to limit the degradation by overheating and extends the operating life. All Steyr clutch discs are lubricated with oil by force, so we can ensure the long-term endurance strength of each transmission component.

Zhejiang LeiPai auto Parts Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Steyr clutch disc for commercial vehicles in China. In addition to this Steyr clutch plate for heavy vehicles, we also provide other vehicle replacement parts, such as clutch assembly, automobile lock, motorcycle lock, ignition switch, etc. Its brand range covers LADA, HYUNDAI, CHEVROLET, DAEWOO, RENAULT, FORD, VOLKSWAGEN, FIAT, TOYOTA and so on. They are highly trusted and applauded by customers. 

CLUTCH           DSIC Description Model Year Model
OEM.NO Dia(mm) Teeth
240 10
716 111 00 32     Pinzgaure    
suitable type or model