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Features of RENAULT Clutch Cover:
1. LEIPAI has ten years of experience in producing Renault light vehicle clutch covers.
2. Our products have gained ISO9001 and TS16949 Quality Certification. We also obtained OEM quality standard guarantee.
3. It owns steady transmission and reliable transfer torque.
4. We have a wide range of clutch covers available for American, European, Japanese and Korea Vehicles.
5. Featured with low wear and reliable quality, our Renault clutch cover for passenger cars has a long service life.
6. Located in coastal city, LEIPAI can deliver goods to customers smoothly and promptly.
7. Our company provides flexible and convenient sale and after-sale service.
8. We can develop products according to customers’ drawings or samples.

Specifications of RENAULT Light Vehicle Clutch Cover:

Renault is a French carmaker. It is the fourth largest automobile group alliance combined with Nissan. It can provide cars, vans, auto rail vehicles, trucks, tractors, vans, tanks, buses and coaches, etc. Renault clutch cover for passenger cars is very important to the operation of your your passenger cars or light vehicles. Renault light vehicle clutch covers can make your vehicle work smoothly and run properly. LEIPAI is a professional manufacturer of Renault clutch covers in China. Our products have been exported to India, Iran, Brazil, Austria, the Middle East, Turkey, etc. They are highly trusted and applauded by customers. 

Zhejiang LeiPai auto Parts Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of Renault clutch cover for passenger cars in China. In addition to this Renault light vehicle clutch cover, we also provide other vehicle replacement parts, such as clutch assembly (kit), automobile lock, motorcycle lock, ignition switch, etc. Its brand range covers LADA, HYUNDAI, CHEVROLET, DAEWOO, RENAULT, FORD, VOLKSWAGEN, FIAT, TOYOTA and so on.

2004 43 206       181*127 210 DT
042 01G F08         190*132 207 DS
821107         215*144.5 236 DT
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