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Features of HYUNDAI Clutch Disc:
1. LEIPAI has ten years of experience in producing Hyundai clutch plate for light vehicles.
2. Our products have gained ISO9001 and TS16949 Quality Certification.
3. We have built up partnership with partners from Europe and Australia.
4. Located in coastal city, our company can deliver Hyundai clutch disc for passenger cars smoothly and promptly.
5. Our companyprovides good sale and after-sale service.
6. We can provide various kinds of clutch items to meet your demand.

Hyundai is the largest automobile enterprise in South Korea. It is also one of the 20 largest car companies in the world.?Hyundai clutch disc for passenger cars (light vehicles) is manufactured to meet or exceed original specifications. LEIPAI is a professional manufacturer of Hyundai clutch discs in China. Hyundai clutch plate for light vehicles produced in our company is reliable and easy to install. Our products have been exported to India, Iran, Brazil, Austria, the Middle East, Turkey, etc. They are highly trusted and applauded by customers. 

Zhejiang LeiPai auto Parts Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Hyundai clutch disc for passenger cars in China. In addition to HyundaiI clutch plate for light vehicles, we also provide other vehicle replacement parts, such as clutch assembly (kit), automobile lock, motorcycle lock, ignition switch, etc. Its brand range covers LADA, HYUNDAI, CHEVROLET, DAEWOO, RENAULT, FORD, VOLKSWAGEN, FIAT, TOYOTA and so on.

CLUTCH           DSIC Description Model Year Model
OEM.NO Dia(mm) Teeth
225 23
41100-H1010     HYUNDAI TERRACAN(HP)2.9 CRDi 11.03 Closed Off-Road
41100-49830     HYUNDAI TERRACAN(HP)3.5I V6 4WD 12.01- Closed Off-Road
  225 23 HYUNDAI SANTA FE (SM) 2.0 08.01 Closed Off-ROAD Vehicle
      HYUNDAI DONATA III (EF) 2.0 16V 06.98-10.01 Saloon
      HYUNDAI DONATA IV (EU4) 2.0 10.01-11.04 Saloon
      HYUNDAI TRAJET (FO) 2.0 03.00 MPV
      KIA MAGENTIS (GD) 2.0 05.01 Saloon
41100-4B020 240 23 HYUNDAI H100 BUS(P)2.5TD 07.93-03.00 BUS
41100-4B010     HYUNDAI STAREX (H1)2.4 06.97- MPV
41100-4B000     HYUNDAI H-1 BUS(KMF)2.5D 10.97- BUS
41100-4B030     HYUNDAI STAREX (H1)2.44WD 10.97- BUS
      HYUNDA H-1 BUS(KMF)2.5TD 4WD 11.01- BUS
      HYUNDAI Kasten 2.5TD 03.00-09.00 BOX
41100-02010 180 24 HYUNDAI ATOZ 3.01 Hatchback
41100-28050 215 20 HYUNDAI COUPE(GK)1.6 16V 03.02 Coupe
      HYUNDAI COUPE(RD)1.6 i 16V 12.96-04.02 Coupe
      HYUNDAI ELANTRA Stufenheck(XD)1.6 06.00 Hatchback
      HYUNDAI ELANTRA 11.95-09.00 Saloon
      HYUNDAI ELANTRA 02.96 Estate
OEM NO. Dia(mm) Teeth
180 24 HYUNDAI ATOS 02.98-03.02
41100-28050 215 20 HYUNDAI ACCENT 09.00
      HYUNDAI COUPE 03.02
41100-22600 184 20 HYUNDAI ACCENT 10.94-01.00
41100-02810 190 24 HYUNDAI I10 11.08
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