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Clutch Disc

Performance of Clutch Disc:
Clutch disc is also called clutch plate. It is a tool to transmit engine power to gearbox. Slipping or improper driving ways may cause clutch plate’s unnecessary wear. It is resistant to high temperature. LEIPAI clutch disc’s lifetime is usually over 100,000 miles, but it can be decreased by about 90% if drivers drive excessively. With ten years' production experience, our company has become a professional produce of clutch plates in China. Our products have been exported to India, Iran, Brazil, Austria, the Middle East, Turkey, etc. They are highly trusted and applauded by customers. 

Purchase of Clutch Disc:
When replacing the clutch disc, you should consider carefully what type of clutch plate can work best for your vehicle. There are various clutch discs (plates) in LEIPAI, which are suitable for different styles of vehicles. For example, you can purchase a sport clutch disc (plate). Please remember to choose a good clutch pressure plate to match your clutch disc.


About Zhejiang LeiPai:
Zhejiang LeiPai auto Parts Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of clutch disc in China. In addition to this automobile clutch plate, we also provide other vehicle replacement parts, such as clutch assembly (kit), automobile lock, motorcycle lock, ignition switch, etc. Its brand range covers LADA, HYUNDAI, CHEVROLET, DAEWOO, RENAULT, FORD, VOLKSWAGEN, FIAT, TOYOTA and so on.